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Mickey’s back to discuss current mining & gold/silver markets after over half a year since our last interview. He sees gold production declining and a steady level-headed rise in gold & silver this year.

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00:45 The straight talk on tue Oct 4 trading
01:30 This Year’s Rally & Correction Summary
03:00 Gold Technical Analysis & Seasonality
04:20 TSXV down 3% today, tracking price of Gold
05:00 Don’t Panic, crash exaggerating by stop loss selling
05:50 Money Flowing back into mining/gold/silver sector
07:30 Base Metals & Commodities coming back into rally
09:40 Could Gold/Silver go below 200 Day Moving Average?
11:00 San Bernardino city hall closed over earthquake risk
13:50 2016 Election: Huge Upside for Precious Metals
14:20 Deutsche Bank Crash & Possible Italy exit from EU
15:10 Mickey Fulp voting for Gary Johnson
16:10 Get more from Mickey Fulp, see him at conferences