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Why didn’t Rand Paul get Ron Paul’s passionate supporters? What gives Gary Johnson appeal compared to Donald Trump? Jeff Deist, Staunch Libertarian (if we could label him) and representative of The Mises Institute comes on to talk government philosophy and answer these questions. Also touched on are Britain leaving the EU, the end of the Euro & World Economics.

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01:20 Rand 2016: Why Ron Paul Supporters Didn’t Back Him
03:30 Modern Conservatives do Not Beat the Libertarian Drum
04:30 How does Trump fit in for Libertarian Anti-Establishment Support
05:20 Gary Johnson vote is a Protest Vote, Not a Pure Libertarian
07:00 Democrats are Too Powerful; Hillary Most Likely to Win
08:30 Sanders Failure: Passion like Ron Paul but opposite policies
12:00 Black Lives Matter movement
15:00 BREXIT a Victory, Euro Will Collapse, World Economy
18:20 Could Texas Secede?
20:10 Get more from Jeff & The Mises Institute