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Chris Marchese of The Morgan Report is on at just the right time to update our members on the current gold/silver sector & especially mining stocks with the recent pullback. As one of the world’s top silver experts it’s great to hear him say without a doubt this is a confirmed bull market. No time is wasted in this interview so enjoy a 13 minute update on our favorite markets.

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01:30 Current Mining Sector Pullback is Natural Correction
04:40 Confirmed Bull Market says Silver Expert Marchese
06:40 This is Similar to 2009-2010-2011 Bull Market
07:30 Silver: The Most Exciting Metal to Invest & Profit
09:50 The Morgan Report Stock Suggestions, Get More from Them
10:30 Primary Silver Producers vs Large Names with <50% Revenue 13:40 Contact & Connect with Chris & The Morgan Report