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This New Silver Miner is Led by the Man who Found the Largest Silver Deposit:

VISIT ANDY’s Company: /
Email him for details on May 20 meeting in Houston, TX & June 24th in Chicago, IL:

00:50 Meet Andy in Houston, TX May 20 for Conference
02:20 Negative Interest Rates Affecting Stocks & Bullish for Gold
05:40 Billionaires Jumping into Gold, Shorting Stocks
07:45 Institutional Investment in Metals & Mining Skyrocketing
09:25 Death of the Middle Class, Biggest Crash of All Time
10:25 Donald Trump Wants to Renegotiate/Default on National Debt
16:10 Silver Breakout and Recent Trading, Holding $17

Andy is a frequent guest and also one of our most popular.
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