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The biggest expert in overall gold & silver markets is finally back to talk the manipulation that just occurred in this rush emergency transmission. Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin details how central banks are used by the gold cartel and the timing was perfect this time right before Janet Yellen’s speech and options expiration dates.

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01:50 Why $1.5 Billion in Paper Gold was Sold in a Day
05:30 Eventually Stocks and Bonds will Crash or Hyperinflation
06:40 How we Know the $1.5 Billion Gold Sold was the Cartel
10:40 No Real Fundamentals Contributed to recent Crash
14:00 Eastern Banks Buy Gold, Western Banks buy Stocks
16:20 Central Bank’s Partners of Cartel, JP Morgan Proxy etc.
18:40 The Monetary System is Dying, they Can’t Save it
21:00 Status of the Supply Shortage for Silver Right Now

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Our last interview with Andy June 15, 2016:

FED Fails: Silver to Skyrocket with Shortage in 2016 – Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin Bullion Dealer

Dear Reader,

Miles Franklin has been in business for nearly 30 years without a single complaint, according to the Better Business Bureau. They also happen to reside in the only state in the U.S. that regulates precious metal dealers.

In 2008 and 2011, silver became almost unavailable. And now, according to Andy Hoffman in our most recent interview, he believes in 2016 it is likely “we will run out of silver.”

The big money is starting to enter this trade, but there is an enormous problem: the silver supply is already extremely tight.

Andy believes that the FED’s decision to once again delay a rate increase was the final nail in the coffin for any confidence the market had left in policy makers.

The cartel that suppressed the price of gold had their largest naked short position in history last month, and they couldn’t keep the price down… “It’s over!”

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