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Sometimes in life you just need that one more little push to try something new with one step that ends up really changing your life for the better. That’s the discussion today with the author of a new book “Small Changes, Big Results: 26 Simple Changes to Improve your Faith, Finances, Health, and Relationships”. We talk a lot in FMT about ditching the rat race and 9-5 lifestyle; Scotty is on his way ouf of his day job by diversifying income and has been following some leaders that helped him and is ready to help you with his advice.

00:45 The Turning point to improving Your Life
05:00 Approaching the level of Quitting 9-5
06:00 Having Spending Plan is better than a Budget
09:20 Bucking the mainstream financial advice
10:00 Cash Value life insurance, Diversifying income
14:00 How Scotty improved his health with Nutrition
15:30 Drinking more water instead of Soda
17:30 Parenting Style Changes, Being Positive
20:20 Improving Relationships: Small Changes Effect