Today’s Food & Farming Paradigm: The Move to Organics & More – Joel Salatin Interview

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Today with have a first time guest with a unique interview branching out to a rare topic for us: Health & Sustainability. He’s a farmer and author of multiple books where he reveals the stark differences our country has gone through in agriculture and the food industry as it relates to our overall health paradigm. There’s definitely a schism in America today with factory farms being demonized, organic food on the rise and even anti-vaccine movements gaining traction and respect. If you’re looking for a different perspective on farming & health, definitely checkout this interview!

01:00 How Joel became a Libertarian Capitalist Environmentalist
02:45 Increasing self sustainability: Tips to Start
05:30 Demand for organic food growing dramatically
06:40 Internal Gut Health starts with the Soil
07:25 More about Joel’s Family Farm PolyFace
10:20 Major farms calling PolyFace ‘Bio-Terrorists’
12:00 The Abnormalities of our Food Culture Today
14:30 The needs of society Healthwise change over time
16:00 Get more from Joel & learn about PolyFace Farms:

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