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We have Jack Abramoff author of Capitol Punishment and one of the ultimate insiders to Washington DC to tell us the dynamics of what Trump is really facing. In this informative interview Jack tells us what he’s been up to, Trump’s progress on draining of the swamp and just how likely it is for President Trump to be impeached. Also covered in the interview is the stance Trump will take on the Debt Deficit and the Lobbyist ban.

01:45 Staying motivated and determined
05:55 Can Trump really drain the swamp
08:05 The co-ordination against Trump’s character and presidency
11:25 Will the swamp impeach Trump?
14:00 republicans love Trump, every president has mistakes
15:05 John McCanne
16:05 Trump’s action plan on the debt deficit!
18:05 Will the Clintons and Barack Obama face justice?
19:05 The darkside of the Lobbyist
22:30 Trump’s Lobbyist ban to be challenged?
27:50 Does the system of dependency need a hard reset?