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This Resource Setup for probable once in a Decade 10 Bagger:

David is back after previous Relentless Wealth interview he’s back to discuss markets, commodities and specifically how Trump as President will affect the US Economy. Covered heavily in the middle of the interview are gold & uranium mining and later some predictions for a deflationary depression before inflation. This is a great interview on the broad picture for various US markets going into 2017.

01:30 President Trump & Changes to Expect: Gold Rise?
03:10 Problems with Trump Micro-Managing the Economy
04:15 Stock Market priced in false Libertarian Utopia
05:20 Gold Stocks doing Well in Beginning 2017
08:10 US Dollar, Market Selloff & FED Interest Rates
09:10 Where to Profit in 2017: Dave’s Recommendations
10:10 US Bond Rates: Higher Rates Good for Gold
11:50 Uranium to continue Higher, Oil & Gas, OPEC
15:20 TRUTH: US has been in Recession since 2008
19:00 Inflationary Boom coming after Deflationary Bust
21:00 Get more from David Skarica: