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Karl’s analysis on Trump, the election and what needs to happen is impeccable and we’re super glad we got to interview him this 2nd time. He reiterates his statement last time that the medical industry’s monopoly is the most damaging economic item in this country that has a clear and workable fix. Toward the end he details how to best prepare for multiple scenarios on where the economy could head under President Trump.

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01:20 Can Trump even help the US Economy?
03:10 Obamacare repeal potential
04:30 Trump needs to break medial monopolies
05:20 Or Else Federal Budget explodes in 2017
07:30 How real is Donald’s commitment to fix
09:25 Central Banks plotting massive collapse
11:30 Civil war if Entitlements not funded
14:00 Media’s bias coverage analysis of race
16:00 Prepare for inflation then deflationary crash
20:00 Get more from Karl Denninger at