Trump & Perry: Department of Energy Restructure? Nuclear Resurgence? – Spencer Abraham Interview

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Our guest today has a very impressive resume and he brings us very positive news in mining, specifically the uranium sector. With Trump getting into office and Rick Perry as his Energy Secretary, the uranium sector has not looked this bullish in a decade. Be sure to checkout Spencer’s company, Uranium Energy Corp as its one of the only US producers of this rare commodity that will likely be revitalized with a free market President in the Oval Office.

01:00 Trump & Michigan Political History of Republican Swing
03:20 What’s the mood in DC, will they cooperate w/ Trump?
05:40 Rick Perry to Head Department of Energy or Abolish it?
08:15 Nuclear weapons stockpile & National Security Budget
10:20 Spencer in Uranium sector with Uranium Energy Corp
13:00 Trump Presidency to revitalize Uranium Mining
14:00 Nuclear power plants help prevent Climate Change
15:20 Uranium price should recover Next 1 to 3 Years

Learn more about Uranium Energy Corp:

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