Understanding the Banking Cartel, Interview of G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin – Understanding the Banking Cartel


In this near half hour interview we deal with the most hardcore questions regarding the private institution known as the Federal Reserve. Griffin is the author of the famous book “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” The video shows Griffin’s decisive view that the Federal Reserve is just a banking cartel and has only its own interests at heart. He believes that eastern central banks are being more realistic in the coming crisis and believes that America should return to a strict Gold backed Currency.



What is the Federal Reserve’s purpose? …It’s a banking cartel… the big banks wanted to regulate their own industry

Mr. Bernanke does not believe what he is saying, he works for the banks, and that’s his whole goal…

The current Federal Reserve system is sustainable only in a Totalitarian society.

The eastern central banks are more realistic they know that gold and silver in the vault is going to be much more valuable in their future than a bunch of paper reserve notes.

I don’t think there’s a chance in the world that federal reserve notes will exist two decades from now, probably not even one decade.

Bullion banks such as JP Morgan and others have an even stronger influence in influencing the price of gold because they are over-committed. They have sold quantities of gold and silver that they don’t have.

The biggest baffle of all is how the American people can sit still and watch all this happen and not get outraged… They watch it like a deer caught in the headlights…

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