Part 1: Whistleblower: The End of the Dollar System

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Part 2: World Bank Whistleblower talks Bitcoin & End of the Federal Reserve System

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Transcript – Karen Hudes Interviewed by Future Money Trends

Future Money Trends:  Greetings and thank you for joining us at I’m here with Karen Hudes. She is a former senior counsel for the World Bank.

She studied at Yale Law School and became a whistleblower revealing corruption on a global scale. Karen, thank you so much for joining us.

Karen Hudes:  Thanks for having me, and I’m glad to be back with you all.

Future Money Trends:  Karen, in your whistleblower’s group, you have described it like a sting operation.

You guys have exposed some serious corruption in the financial system both to the public, in general, as well as to specific government officials. I want to start off with that. What has been the response you have been getting from elected officials, specifically here in the United States?

Karen:  That is a very good question. In the United States, the latest response that I got which is very, very encouraging is from the executive director of the National Taxpayers Union. That is not an elected official, but these people are an association or associations in most of the states.

I was actually featured by that group. They did a blog on me as a whistleblower over a year ago. It may be close to two years now. I have been writing to the associations and I have been keeping them informed. What happened, I just got back from three months in Tokyo. I went there for a specific reason. The reason I went there is because the United States military.

There are people at the head of the US military that are treasonous, disloyal. They are members of the Knights of Malta. They are marching to a different drummer. I’m talking about General Martin Dempsey, who’s the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I’m talking about the Inspector General who allow heroes to be fired when they protected US citizens who were going to be nuked in Charleston, South Carolina on the eighth of September in 2013.

Future Money Trends:  This is an attack that did not occur because you’re saying good people in the government, in the US government stopped it and this general, who is in the Joint Chiefs, is actually part of the larger conspiracy with the central bankers and this group that controls 40 percent of the economy.

Karen:  It’s not 40 percent of the economy. It’s 40 percent of the companies that are on the capital markets, the transnational companies. They get 60 percent of the earnings. This is a banking cartel.

Future Money Trends:  Understood. Back to the original question…

Karen:  Let me tell you who’s supporting me now, because we’re been talking about something called the “power transition model,” which is 90 to 95 percent accurate. It predicts how coalitions will form.

This power transition model predicted that the rule of law would prevail and that coalitions would form for the rule of law that is exactly what has happened. When you look at the BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, they are no longer using federal reserves notes to pay for their international trade.

When I say, “federal reserve notes,” many people don’t know that that’s what the United States dollar is. The normal thing that should have happened is that the Treasury Department would issue our currency, but that doesn’t happen. There’s a scam going on which is that the federal reserve issues the currency and changes interest on it.

This currency of the federal reserve system, which calls itself, “US dollars,” instead of currency that would be issued directly by the government. This scam, anybody who has tried to stop this scam, has been assassinated, that’s why it continues.

There are a couple of countries that have nevertheless managed to escape. One of them is Iceland, one of them is Hungary, although it’s very difficult for these countries to entirely escape, because they are part of the international economy and they have to pay for their goods and services.

They are having a difficult time of it. They’re waiting for the rest of us to get rid of this scam. Let’s get back to the elected official. I went to Japan, because I’ve had people from the military to contact me. In particular, I had a man named Robert O’Banyon send me a book, which I’ve put up on the Internet. I’ve had people calling me. I asked one of the people calling me.

I asked one of the people who called me, I said, “How many people in the military know that you’ve got these traitors that are [laughs] marching to the banks and their waiting to have the federal reserve note crash, so that means that the United States surrenders unilaterally. It takes down military strength.” That just takes all the military strength and just obliterates it.

It’s like unilateral surrender is what it is. I said, “How many people in the military understand that this is what’s going on that that’s what the banking cartel is expecting to happen?” They said, “About 50 percent of them.”

I said, “Well, why are you guys just sitting on your hands then?” They guy didn’t have a good answer for me. I figured I had to do a little work for the military. What I did is I went to Japan, because the military is occupying Japan and there’s something called “the Joint US Japan Committee,” under the status of Forces Agreement. I interacted with that committee.

I also met with somebody in the Japanese Diet, that’s their parliament and I met with a number of other people, as well, economists, their civil society. What I did one day was I got in touch with military attaché in the Tokyo Embassy of the United States, our ambassador is Caroline Kennedy. I wrote to her many, many times. I asked many US citizens to contact her, as well.

I called up the military attaché and I said this power transition model is saying that Germany is going to stop being our ally. I had an interview with a very large business website in Germany. They have 1.5 million readers per month.

At that end of that interview, I asked a question, I asked, “Is there something that I didn’t touch on that I should be mentioning?” They said, “Yes, why don’t you speak to the fact that a German helicopter buzzed the US Consulate in Frankfurt.”

I said, “OK,” I did a little research. I found out that a German government spokesperson had said that the reason they did, it broke all the china in our consulate. The spokesperson for the German government said that this was a shot across the bow to get our attention.

This power transition model is saying that all of the United States allies are going to leave the United States and we are going to be isolated. That’s where we are right now. Henry Kissinger just finished writing an article in the “Wall Street Journal” explaining this.

There was a meeting in June of something called, “The group of 77,” that’s actually 133 developing countries. They said that they were going to join the BRICS in refusing to maintain the US federal reserve note as an international currency.

Getting back to what I called up the military attaché, I said, “This power transition model is predicting that Germany is no longer going to be our ally.” You realize that Angela Merkel was spied on and made a lot of protests about this.

I had actually warned the Treasury Department back 2008, which is when I found out that when they were firing the World Bank board, was firing Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Wolfowitz had arranged to get information on the executive directors, their ambassadors that are on the board of the World Bank.

There are 25 of them, and they were complaining that they were being blackmailed. Some of them had gone to a house of ill repute that Eliot Spitzer patronized, and they were being threatened that this information was going to be made public if they fired Paul Wolfowitz.

I knew this because I speak Dutch, having studied development economics at the University of Amsterdam. I have a PhD without thesis in development economics, and I was in Holland when the man on the board of the World Bank, Herman Wijffels, who represented the Dutch government wrote about this in the Dutch newspaper.

I went back and I told the US congress. I told the people in Senator Lugar’s office, and they told me to contact the treasury department, and I contacted Kenneth Peel. I said, “The United States is going to lose its leadership. This power transition model is saying that we have to respect the rule of law. You cannot blackmail ambassadors when they’re trying to fire Paul Wolfowitz for giving a pay raise to his girlfriend.”

Anyway, and of course, you know that Germany had asked for its gold to come back from the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve said it would take seven years. Then they only, they, Germany negotiated and they said that it would only be 300 metric tons. In the first year, the Fed only gave five metric tons back to Germany, and it wasn’t the same gold that they had given for storage. It’s not the gold that was stamped by…this is an act of war.

Anyway, I said, “I know a way that Germany will remain our ally,” and the military attaché that was a General O’Leary wrote an email to me, and at the foot of it he said that this email was unclassified. What I did was in that day I issued a press release to this joint committee, it’s half Japanese military, the Japanese department of defense, and it’s also got the governor of Okinawa on it, and it’s half United States.

I said that I was going to issue this press release in 24 hours, and what the press release said was that the joint committee was going to accept the offer of gold out of the global debt facility. In the previous interview, I explained a little bit about what this global debt facility is.

It’s the world’s wealth. It’s over a million metric tons of gold. It’s got other precious metals in it. It’s got artworks. Ferdinand Marcos, his wife’s maid tried to sell some Monet impressionist paintings and was convicted in New York of this. Those were owned, are owned by the global debt facility.

I wrote to all of the embassies in Tokyo and I offered all of the countries their share of gold for minting currency. Because all of the paper currencies are on the verge of collapse, and we’ve got to, we’ve got to have this…some people call it a global currency reset. We have to have this accomplished before the paper currencies crash. If we don’t, there’s going to be mass starvation. There’s going to be pestilence. There’s not going to be a single thing to eat in the stores.

Now, the chance that we get this accomplished is 90 to 95 percent, but it’s not going to happen if people don’t take it serious.

Future Money Trends:  Why are you so confident that it will be?

I look at some of the findings and documentation about the cartel, the bank of international settlements running the show of the economy, and I feel like this person who’s just on the Internet or with the newsletter and there’s not much I could do. How are the good guys out there? I’m talking about elected officials or major banks. Are there any good guys out there that are going to help stop this?

Karen:  Daniel, that is what I ask myself every single morning. Every single morning I look around I say, “What is on my plate? What is it that I’m supposed to be doing?” Let me tell you what’s recently happened.

We had this offer, right? Oh, I didn’t finish telling you about what happened when I issued this press release. In the day that I said that I would issue the press release and held it for embargo, I had also copied the German ambassador to the US. It was in that day that Germany announced that it was also going to the BRICS.

We are dealing with a very accurate model. Some people say garbage in, garbage out, but this model has, I’ve been working…there’s actually two sets of data that I’m looking at. One is when I modeled rule of law inside the World Bank, a political scientist, Jacek Kugler, from Claremont’s department. He was the chair of the political science department in Claremont University.

Anyway, Jacek came to the World Bank, but he had developed this model with the department of defense and they had used it on over 300 different scenarios. Their experience was exactly the experience that we’re having here. This model predicted that the US was going to lose the ability to single‑handedly appoint the president of the World Bank. I warned the treasury department that that was going to happen back in 2007, and that is what happened in 2010.

The United States president of the World Bank, Dr. Kim, he was not unopposed. It was not that the US appointed him. It was a contested decision and based on his performance I doubt very seriously that the next president of the World Bank is going to be an American.

But anyway, who is helping us? You see that Germany is right in the very middle, it’s like a swing. But who else is part of this BRICS? I’ll tell you. It’s the group inside the United States that understands that we have got to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and have our allies come back to us.

What I did after that first 24 hours was I sent the press release to the, there’s a group called the County Executives of America. The president of that County Executives of America is Ike Leggett. He was the president. He’s the county executive of the county that I lived in, Montgomery County. He’s now on the board of that organization, and the neighboring county, county executive is now the president.

Anyway, I copied all of their officers and I said, “The citizens of the United States are expecting that the military is not going to be surrendering unilaterally.” Because we’re supposed to be protecting Japan, and this is what the US‑Japan joint committee is expecting. I also offered the gold that was on deposit in Bank of Tokyo to Japan.

I added one other part of the monetary agreement. I forwarded this draft monetary agreement to all the countries, and what we’re talking about as currency is actual gold, which is then pressed very thing, and there’s a process called Aurum where you take this very thin layer of gold and you surround it with plastic, it handles just like a paper currency, but it’s actual gold.

I offered the gold to all of the countries. I said, “We’re not going to be just dealing with paper currency that we have to pay interest on.” I got in touch with all of the taxpayers associations all over the world, including the taxpayer association in Japan. I also got in touch with all of the credit rating agencies, and the Japanese credit rating agency.

The other group that I’ve been in touch with is the legal profession. Because the legal profession has been doing exactly what you would hope they wouldn’t do. They’ve been working for the banksters and creating all kinds of what other lawyers have called gobbledygook.

I spoke in the last interview about a second secret constitution. I spoke about how the people in the US congress are actually the managers of corporation that was incorporated that’s called the United States. It’s just, when you find out what happened to what we consider our republic, it’s, and this was done by lawyers.

Every year, they declare an emergency, and so, we’re operating under a military emergency. Our courts are not regular courts. They’re military tribunals. The lawyers never bothered to tell anybody any of this. They thought we wouldn’t find out.

Future Money Trends:  What do you mean by military tribunals? As far as everybody who’s aware of going to court, I don’t see anything unusual, tell me what I’m missing, and believe me, I am completely ignorant of this, because I’m talking to somebody who…

Karen:  Yes, most people are. But the lawyers set it up this way, to keep people ignorant.

The American Bar Association had an article on, there’s a group called sovereign citizens who have, they understand what the situation is. Their solution is not, I don’t think this is very effective. The article was talking about how mistaken these people were.

I said, “Well hold on, wait a minute. At least they understand the problem. Maybe they’re not coming up with the correct solution,” and then, we had a whole debate. This happened in June, this commentary in the American Bar Association, and 1.5 million lawyers are reading that journal. I don’t know how many of them were reading that article.

But right in the middle of all these comments, they stopped allowing me to answer some of the criticisms. In that I was documenting all of what I’m telling you about this, the fact that the US congress, that people in congress instead of telling their constituents what’s really going on, they’re just rolling over and playing dead.

If you ask me what is it that the US congress is doing what I tell them? What are my elected officials doing? I can, at the end of our interview, I can forward you the last email that I sent to the senators in Maryland.

I copied Ike Leggett, the officer of the County Executives of America, and I said, “You know, we are now able to correct this problem. But if we procrastinate, the currency is going to crash, and we won’t be able to do that. We’ve got to take this solution.”

Anyway, let me go back to what else was in this monetary agreement for Japan. That is the problem of Fukushima. I was saying that the gold in the global debt facility and the other assets can be used to clean up Fukushima.

After I got back from Japan, actually, I didn’t come straight back. I went to Australia for a conference of a group, a magazine called Nexus, and I met some very interesting people. But anyway, I was written to by a foundation, a Chinese foundation called YCT. This foundation recognized the fact that I had been appointed by the ministers of finance on the board of governors of the World Bank that I’ve been appointed as acting general counsel.

What YCT Foundation wanted me to do was they wanted me to just sign over money to them and allow them to be the entity to clean up Fukushima. I said, “No, it doesn’t work that way.” I said, “I am not authorized to just give you a blank check and keep things in the dark. We have got to have transparency here.”

Anyway, I’ve been corresponding with YCT, and just today I got an email back from them. They said that the Japanese government was prepared to just allow them to get the money in the global debt facility to clean up Fukushima. I said, “No.” I said, “We’ve got to have transparency.”

But in any event, I was talking about the BRICS countries and how the United States citizens who understand that we have got to kick out the Fed and take our country back, and that we will then join with the rest of the countries that are part of this coalition. I got an email saying, “Thank you for keeping us in the loop.”

What is happening is exactly what this power transition model is predicting, which is to say that there is a coalition for the rule of law, and this does not include the banking cartel.

Future Money Trends:  Does the model give a timeframe? Are we looking at a when the dollar collapses, within a year or five years or 10 years?

Karen:  No, it doesn’t at all, but we can, I can tell you as an economist that I’m getting all kinds of glossy presentations by investment advisers that are advising their clients to make a lot of money by betting against the Federal Reserve note.

Its days are numbered. When you have that going on, don’t forget how Russia was brought down by this speculation against the ruble. Once people start speculating against a currency, its days are numbered, and it can go very, very quickly.

Future Money Trends:  Karen, I want to move onto another topic that is really popular, and I’ve asked a few of our subscribers.

I let them know that I would be interviewing you again, and one of the top questions for you was just to say it, the word, and to leave it out there for you. That is Bitcoin. We just wanted to get your thoughts on the digital currency. Is it something you’ve been looking at?

Karen:  I’ve been looking at Bitcoin and I’ll tell you what I think about Bitcoin. I think that we’ve had something called the legal tender laws which talks about what is legal tender, what is currency allowed to be.

The particular attraction of Bitcoin is that it’s not illegal. It’s one of the ways that you can make payment now. Because we have these legal tender laws, and you’re not allowed to, a buyer and a seller are not allowed to agree on their own currency, regardless of whether that’s an existing currency.

Bitcoin is a way of having a legal payment possibility. It’s a way of giving flexibility to people on how they’re going to make payments. In that sense, it’s very attractive. But I’ll tell you, as a currency should be two things. It should not only be a way of making a payment, but it should be something called a store of value, which is that it maintains its value. That’s where Bitcoin is, it’s not as secure as something else, like a precious metal.

I would say that in the fact that it gives us flexibility it’s good, but it’s got certain drawbacks, as well. I know there are people that are very loyal to Bitcoin and whenever I say anything critical of it, I get a lot of email. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. It’s not a store of value.

Future Money Trends:  In the end, when you look at what you had just talked about for the first part of the interview, one of the things like we’re seeing right now is with Russia and China doing these currency deals, which you did touch on. But I’m just confused here, and if you could just help me out.

Are these countries trying to destroy the dollar, or are the global elites trying to destroy the dollar? Or, is it…I’m just wondering if Putin is a sideshow or if Putin is the real deal when it comes to an active participant in trying to destroy the US dollar.

Karen:  The word quantitative easing, that was a term that was invented by the Fed so that what they were doing in sabotaging the dollar was going to be something that we weren’t going to get alarmed at.

One of the things that I’ve been putting up on the Internet is a whole series of proof of how this is, this has been treasonous. It has not been done by the outside, it has not been done by Putin. It has been done by the Federal Reserve deliberately. Because what they wanted was they wanted to force the world into a one‑world currency, and it was frustrated by the BRICS countries, and rightfully so. Who wants to have a world where we’re being controlled by our currency? Nobody.

Future Money Trends:  That’s great. Now, the Federal Reserve is basically, essentially, purposefully committing suicide. How is it possible for the Fed to fail when they really do have complete control of the currency, they could print it out of existence?

Karen:  Because it’s paper. There’s nothing backing it.

Future Money Trends:  No, that’s what I’m saying. They’ll hawk them. If the Fed really wants to destroy the dollar, then, why don’t they just do it? What are they waiting for?

Karen:  That’s what they’re doing!

Future Money Trends:  How is it possible for them to fail, though, in destroying it?

Karen:  It’s not. They’ve done it. It’s only a matter of time.

Future Money Trends:  I’m totally on‑board, I get what you’re saying, but my only concern is how is it even possible to stop the Fed from committing suicide when they literally control the keys to the kingdom when it comes to the US currency?

Karen:  They don’t control it. When people drop the dollar, when all of the countries drop the dollar it’s no longer going to be the reserve, the international reserve currency. I think you’re giving it a lot more strength than it possesses. It’s on its last dying legs.

Future Money Trends:  Yes, but I’m just saying, though, the Fed wants, you’re saying the Fed wants to destroy the dollar. What I’m saying is I don’t see how anyone could stop them from destroying the dollar.

Karen:  Because we switched to something else. There’s dollars issued by the treasury that are in the global debt facility. They’ve been printed. They have to be cut and issued in replacement for the Federal Reserve note. We just exchanged them. That’s very simple.

Future Money Trends:  Essentially, the treasury department of the United States takes over the job that it’s supposed to rightfully have, which is in charge of the currency.

Which actually, on a side note, and this is totally out of the blue, but I’ve always been curious and no one’s been able to answer it and I totally might be catching you off‑guard on this one.

But the treasury issues are coins and our coins are not Federal Reserve notes. Have you ever considered why, why doesn’t the Federal Reserve issue our coins? Because that is money, when the treasury use coins that are made of metal. What is the difference? Why does the treasury issue coins? Because that is money.

Karen:  I think it’s because of the constitution. The Fed should never, ever have been given the right to issue paper currency.

If you read the constitution it says, “To coin money.” It may be that they thought that if they went that one last step everybody would realize how unconstitutional the Fed is. That was one of the discussions that I had in the American Bar Association Journal. They wanted me to show how the Federal Reserve was unconstitutional. I did, but it’s not quite as obvious.

Future Money Trends:  Elected officials, they will eventually see and you are showing them that the Federal Reserve is the enemy. It is essentially going to destroy the United States and bring us into a one‑world currency.

Karen:  That’s what they want to do, but the fact of the matter is that all of the rest of the world are giving us a hand up.

They want to help us get rid of the Fed, they are going, they together with us are going to get rid of…it’s not just the Fed. It’s the bank for international settlements, and all of the central banks that are in printing the currency of the other countries, and that’s all one group, by the way.

There’s this study of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland that showed that this is all, because they had the same directors on the boards of these companies. They’re all one interlocking conglomerate.

Future Money Trends:  Ultimately, Karen, in the next five years, 10 years, where are we going if the good guys win? Where are we going if the bad guys win, bad guys being the elites?

Karen:  Where we’re going if the good guys win, and the chance that that happens is 90 to 95 percent.

Where we’re going is exactly where we decided we want to go, in open transparency. A lot of people say when we’re talking about this gold currency, it’s not one world currency. Every single country has its own currency. In addition to the gold, we’re going to have local currencies.

This is the best way to end unemployment. That’s where all of the local companies get together and agree on a currency and then there are ways of organizing that. There’s an economist named Silvio Gesell, Gesell. He lived in Argentina, but he was, I believe he was Hungarian. Anyway, his idea is that in the local currency after a certain period of time you have that bill reduced in value, that makes the currency circulate.

It’s going to be a world where we’re going to be able to fix it the way we want to, and it’s not going to be…people talk about globalization. It’s going to be localized in many, many ways.

We’re not going to have this terrible cartel telling us lies instead of what the news actually is. We’re going to have to do a lot of retrofitting. We’re going to have to try to figure out how we’ve been bamboozled and how to fix it, it doesn’t continue happening. We’re going to have a lot of work, but how things are going to be, they’re going to be the way we want them to be. That’s how they’re going to be.

Future Money Trends:  I pray to god you’re right, because I’m not as optimistic as you, if the Goldman Sachs, JP Morgans and Bank of International Settlements, if this side continues to control and…the masses are in so much debt and so ignorant. That’s why I’m not as optimistic, but…

Karen:  Let me tell you where the debt really is. It’s not with the masses. It’s with the banking cartel, this global debt facility.

There is, when the gold was being collected there were bonds that were issued denominated in gold. There in the 1930s, $210 trillion’s worth of bonds that had interest of four percent, payable in gold. These has been compounding. It’s now in the quadrillion. This banking cartel owes us much more money than we owe them. Yeah?


Karen:  …paper. What we have in this global debt facility, that’s gold. My job, I’ve been appointed by 188 ministers of finance.

My job is to certify who is the authorized signatory. When I do that, I look to see whether this is benefiting humanity or not. Humanity is very rich. It’s not the banking cartel that’s rich. They’ve been bamboozling us and tricking us into accepting paper instead of real currency.

Future Money Trends:  That’s the problem. Everybody has been conditioned into believing that the banks issue our money, and what they are issuing is money in the minds of billions. That’s what we’re up against.

Karen:  When you say we’re up against it, I just find that when you’re very clear about what you understand, you can convey just what a scam it is, and the scam does end.

What I find also very helpful is if you look at the “Wizard of Oz” which Frank Baum wrote with the banking cartel in mind, and you look at that moment where Toto the Dog is pulling back the curtain and the wizard is telling Dorothy and the Scarecrow and the Tin‑Man and the Lion to look at the screen, the projection screen.

The projection screen is the media. They want us to be fooled into thinking that what we’re hearing from the mainstream media, and also, some of the alternative media. They want us to think that that’s reality. But if you’re very clear about what’s actually going on it’s not that hard to get people to understand, really.

Future Money Trends:  A big concern, and again, I’m sorry to be a pessimist.

But for everyone who’s rich and for everyone, how are the system of fraud is working our great for them. I’m just thinking, what will they do to defend it? You talked about a nuke almost going off in the Atlantic Ocean. This seems like a pretty powerful group that’s not going to go away easily with just some exposure that they’re bad.

Karen:  They’re not going to go away easily, but just think about what’s happening differently. Syria. We were told that there was sarin gas and that there ought to be bombing going on on Syria.

When the senate committee on foreign relations tried to vote to authorize that, people were showing how much campaign contributions they were getting and how the vote was going. They were just exposed in a way that they had never been exposed before, and it was in the UK parliament that they refused to authorize the bombing, things are happening differently.

Now, the UK parliament is very, very important, because that is the group where this power transition model started predicting that we were going to have rule of law. I got my statement up on the UK parliament website three times. Elaine Colville, another World Bank whistleblower get here statement up.

There are a number of members of parliament now that are asking the controller of the exchequer, I guess this is going back to your first question is, who are the actual officials involved and what are they saying? The controller of the exchequer was asked whether there really is gold in the global debt facility, and he said, “Well,” he said, “have Karen ask the secretary of the treasury.”

We went back to the controller of the exchequer and we said, “No, there are two countries in the commonwealth that are asking about converting their currency into this gold, the Aurum that I’m talking about where you have the thin gold between the plastic.” I said, “So that’s really a question for the controller of the exchequer.”

We went back to the UK parliament, and then there’s another member of parliament in the UK. I think his name is Lefroy. He is the chair of the something called the parliamentary network on the World Bank. We’re asking him to get involved so that we can take back our world is what we need to do.

Of course, the members of parliament are looking around just like you’re saying. They’re trying to see whether they’re going to be exposed, or whether the banking cartel is going to come up with campaign financing for their opponent. They’re trying to figure out, “Which way is this going to go?” That’s where the power transition model is really quite telling. We know exactly which way it’s going to go.

Future Money Trends:  Karen, I’ve taken up so much of your time. Can I ask you one more question? We’ll wrap it up in five minutes.

Karen:  Yes.

Future Money Trends:  Your analysis, your credibility, your documentation, your position as a former World Bank, everyone loves it.

Because when they see somebody like you out there championing humanity, essentially, everyone’s, especially in the alternative media, people who are looking for the truth are very pleased to see that somebody’s exposing the corruption with a high level of credibility.

Now, I want to address the one thing where I know people have probably told you, “Hey, can you just not talk about this?” But I want to talk about it, because I want to understand your own discovery and your own, not, I don’t want to say conversion, but your own acceptance and belief.

That is, the last interview we talked about something that even caught me off‑guard, which was these people with large schools. I don’t know referring to Nephilim or another phrase or another name for them. But I just want to ask you, when was the first time you had heard about this type of species, and what was it that made you say it’s real?

Karen:  I’m trying to remember the exact date, but it was following a movie production.

This was because…how to convince…I don’t jump to conclusions and I ask everybody else to do their own due diligence, and I have taken a lot of flak and heat, including some very critical YouTube that said I obviously had taken leave of my senses by accepting something which was so completely implausible.

But it’s a Dr. Ed Spencer who had told me about them. He is a neurologist from Yale Medical School who studied at Stanford, and he gave me some pretty good proof. Since then, we’ve received a lot of emails from people who have been eyewitnesses.

I spoke with a lawyer who I’ve known for 30 years. He was the lawyer who told me to go to the credit rating agencies. I’d expected him to be very skeptical, and he told me no, that he knew and he himself had seen these Homo capensis and that many of them went to BDSM hangouts, because they liked to beat women.

But there is physical evidence all over this planet with their skulls that have been buried. Their civilizations, the ruins of their civilizations after the water, level of water in the sea.

But the point, the thing I’d like to say, Daniel, is that the information that I’m giving on the financial sector is freestanding. It has absolutely, it’s valid whether or not you want to believe in the existence of this second species of Hominid. That should not be used to impeach me.

If people want to say that I’m gullible and don’t want to accept the things that I thought was proof. But there’s been DNA analysis now on these skulls. It shows that this is a second species, it’s not Homo sapiens.

Future Money Trends:  Why is this second species essentially absent from the public’s eye?

I know you’re saying that there is evidence out there, but why isn’t the species open? Why isn’t it like any other species? Why isn’t it open and available for people to interact with?

Karen:  They’re hiding from us! There’s more than one kind of Homo capensis. There’s the one that has, it’s called a parietal plate, your skull, Homo sapiens have two. Some, one species, the one that has the biggest brain…

You can also look at the pharaohs. They were this larger Homo capensis. Some people called them big‑brained. Some people called them coneheads. Akhenaten was, and his wife Nefertiti, and you can see pictures of them holding their children.

Future Money Trends:  Are they superior to Homo sapiens?

Karen:  Are they superior? No. That’s why we’ve won.

Future Money Trends:  You had mentioned last time we had spoken about the Jesuits. It was something that I had never heard of at the time. I just wanted to know, in the mix of things, so people can better understand, this group of people.

How much control and how much are they involved in on the cartel side?

Karen:  That’s what the cartel is for. It’s for siphoning the money into that group. They’re the owners.

Future Money Trends:  That is the source, then. That is the master.

Karen:  Yes. No, the Jesuits are not the master. You’ve also got these secret societies. Think of an onion and different layers of the onion. They’re all part of the layers, and then at the very core of this onion, that’s where the Homo capensis sit.

Future Money Trends:  Yeah, it’s so hard, because there’s so many rabbit holes we could go down. I’ve taken up so much of your time. Karen, if you don’t mind I’d love to, after we get feedback from this I’d love to have you back on maybe in about a month or two.

Karen:  That’d be great.

Future Money Trends:  Karen, thank you so much. If someone would like to reach out to you or follow the work or see the documentation that you discussed on this show, where’s the best place for them to go?

Karen:  Go to my website, Now ,I’ve got the financial stuff there. I’m not, my specialty is not this second species or the Jesuits. You’ll have to google there. But anyway, I’ve got a contact page. I can steer you to where you can find some answers.

Future Money Trends:  Karen, thanks again. Again, Karen is a former senior council member of the World Bank.

This is a very credible individual trying to give you information about massive, massive fraud that is literally all around us. It’s so much all around us and ingrained in us that it’s normal to most of us. Our whole lives we’ve in a world of fraud. Karen, you have a great day and thank you so much again for your time.

Karen:  Thanks for having me on, Daniel.