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Resource Expert Collin goes over his very interesting life as he was very young when he was exposed to the mining and resource sector by his dad, how he blew $4 Million from his family and dedicated himself to earning it back. Truly an inspirational story for entrepreneurs and stock traders and speculators alike.

01:20 Background to Collin Kettell & Palisade Global
03:00 His Dad Speculating in the Junior Resource Sector
06:30 What makes the Mining Space so Attractive?
07:25 In 18mo Collin Vaporized $4 Million from his Family
08:45 Meeting his Partner Sean & Growing Palidase
12:45 Tips from Collin for reducing wealth Mistakes
16:30 What to invest in if you had $10,000 Right Now
17:00 Mining stocks current technical analysis
20:15 Bull vs Bear Market and choosing right companies
22:45 Palisade team, background and founding
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