Mortgage vs Rent which is the Best Long-term Choice?

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Aaron Hendon an experienced businessman and real estate owner joins us today, In this podcast we discuss something that has helped many millionaires make their first million… Real Estate.
We discuss which is better owning or renting, whether your property is an asset and how to find a good lender. Aaron also goes over his valuable insights in real estate including common misconceptions, how long we should consider long term and how we can learn more.

Topics In This Interview
01:05 How Millionaires Make Their First Million
03:55 Buying Your First House a Good Investment?
06:20 How long is Long Term Investing?
07:20 Common Misconceptions on Renting & Owning
08:05 SAVE! – Stop trying to Spend & Have it All
10:15 Power of Networking & Constant Learning
11:10 Aaron Details some Early Mistakes
12:25 Buy and Hold or Flip It!
14:15 Increasing the Property Value for appreciation
17:45 Is There a Real Value…
19:05 The Best way to meet at the Right Price
23:20 How to Choose the Correct Lender Aarons Recommendations!
26:05 What are Good Lender Prices to Get
28:55 Learn More & get Aaron’s Book
32:10 Insights and Takeaways

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