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Contrarian thinker, Dave Skarica goes over the philosophy of traders like George Soros, Doug Casey and others. You have to be waiting in the shadows until the right time for maximum profits. He’s expecting a big stock market correction from today’s levels by around 50%. He also mentions the Canadian Real Estate bubble and losing during the 2008 stock market crash; but the theme of this interview is personal philosophy when it comes to markets and business thinking.

01:30 How Dave got to Work from Home in the Bahamas
03:15 Junior Miners; Being a Contrarian in the Markets
07:15 Buying at the Maximum Point of Pessimism
08:45 Indian car story: Being Right for the Wrong Reasons
11:15 We’re in Stock Market Bubble; Will Crash 50%
12:45 Waiting for the right moment to buy; Gold, etc.
13:30 Dave History: Addicted to Profits Newsletter Origin
17:30 Dave on 2008 Stock Market Crash Losses; Get a Hedge!
21:00 Real Estate Market Overblown Bubble in Canada
24:10 Dave’s 1st Book 1998: How to Prosper in Coming Crash
30:20 Utilizing Options & Calls; Hedging your Hedge
37:40 Market Psychology: Greed vs Fear
39:00 Living in Bahamas; Out of Box Thinking & Trump
42:20 Trump’s Persuasive Plans Registered with Voters
45:40 Free Gift for Addicted to Profits Subscribers
47:45 Conclusion & Summary
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