Stop Trading Time for Money: Daniel Answers Your Questions – Relentless Wealth Podcast w/ Alton Hill

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Daniel, President of Future Money Trends is back on the show to answer some personal investment questions from viewers as well as poke the brain of Alton to see what he’s learned over the weeks since we started the Relentless Wealth Podcast in December 2016. Personal Lending can get you 11% return, Daniel still hates 401k paradigm, learning & growing and failing vs choosing not to quit are today’s key stops on this journey.

02:00 First Viewer Question: Lending Club, is it worth it?
06:00 Better Option than Lending Club? Being Your own Bank
09:30 How is Daniel getting incredible 11% return?
11:45 Stop trading time for Money: 401k Stocks Suck
16:20 Financial advisor, broker vs a Fiduciary (better)
18:20 Connect with FMT Fiduciary Nicholas Green:
18:45 Alton Hill’s Experience with Guests from RW Podcast
20:00 Hope isn’t a Strategy: You Must keep learning
24:30 Failing vs not quitting: Learn & Progress
27:45 Alton’s personal business growth since Podcast start
31:00 Email Alton with questions

Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!
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