True Hedge Special Report

Our True Hedge Strategy is set up so that we are protected from both deflation and inflation.

“Bullet Proofing Estate Plans Against (Successful) IRS Attacks.”
– Estate Conference

“A tax shelter for the rich.”
– Charlie Smith, former head Chairman of a major Advisory Group

“Allows some people to get nearly unlimited tax-free savings.”
– White House Panel under President George W. Bush

The True Hedge Strategy is comprised of Two Accounts

Protect-Your-WealthA specialized savings account

  • Completely outside of the banking sector and Wall Street
  • Has a history going back to 1759
  • Guaranteed returns, a track record of being the safest savings account on earth
  • Tax free wealth


Owning a limited liability partnership that’s as easy as buying a stock

  • High Yielding Hard Assets
  • You will own the most used commodity on earth
  • Tax friendly
  • Reliable returns

“Most of this report will focus on the specialized savings account
that is so secret the government has restricted its advertising!”

These accounts are 100% legal, yet less than 1% of Americans have one. I stumbled upon these accounts while looking for ways to protect my wealth in the current financial crisis growing larger by the day.

In bad times, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Which is why my investigation into how I could truly protect my family’s wealth started by looking at the rich in the 1930’s. How does a retailer like J.C. Penny survive a Depression that bankrupted 6,000 banks?

J.C. didn’t keep his money in the bank, instead the majority of his wealth was stored in a specialized savings account, where he didn’t lose a dime! These accounts have been used by Presidents, the Rothschilds, and many of our most famous CEO’s like Walt Disney and Ray Kroc.

Why the Rich Love Them…

Tax Free Income

Lawsuit Proof in Most States

Don’t Legally have to be Disclosed

Have Survived IRS Attacks

Guaranteed Returns

Pays 4 to 6 times more than CD’s


The Wolves of Wall St.

While 401(k)s and IRA’s are pushed to Main Street, the top holders of these secret accounts are the banks and major corporations like Walmart, GE, Comcast, Disney, and Johnson & Johnson. The financial industry hates these accounts for the public though…

In fact, the top mutual fund pumpers, Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey, have done everything they can to scare you out of setting one up.

Yet, when it comes to one of the most successful stock pickers in the world, Tom Dyson of Common Sense Publishing, he has disclosed that he has over 20% of his net worth in these accounts and they have become his single largest investment. He has even opened accounts up for his children.

Safest Place on Earth to Keep Money

Most of these specialized companies that set up these accounts are over 100 years old, a few of them have been around since the days of Benjamin Franklin. Paying out guaranteed dividends throughout the civil war, the Great Depression, and the Panic of 2008; with not one active account holder ever losing a penny in principal…ever!

“Your money is literally held outside of Wall St. None of these companies are listed publicly and the accounts themselves do not need to be reported to the IRS.”

Not being publicly listed is important, because it means that the companies who administer your savings plan are looking out for your best interest. They have NO outside shareholders looking for a profit. In fact, by law these companies have to pay out 100% of their dividends to you and other account holders.

Financial Freedom Wealth Equals OptionsTake Control of Your Financial Freedom

For the past 10 years I have seen a lot of great people attempt to protect people financially from a coming crisis in the U.S. dollar or another depression that may last into the 2020’s. Their ideas on how to protect and profit are all over the board, from buying gold, foreign stocks, to just holding real estate…

All of these ideas failed in the 2008 crisis, they didn’t protect your principal, and they certainly didn’t protect you from extreme volatility. The “True Hedge” strategy will. This savings vehicle guarantees your principal and return!

By the way, for anyone wondering, myself and make NO commission, secret fee, or any money whatsoever when you set up the savings or inflation hedging strategy mentioned above.

How to set up this special savings account and implement the True Hedge Strategy

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