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INFLATION SHOCK–8.6%! Did it Just Cause the Gold and Silver “DECOUPLING”?!

INFLATION SHOCK--8.6%! Did it just cause the gold and silver "decoupling"? People, it’s an inflation stampede! And the prices of silver and gold are COILED like a COBRA waiting to surge higher! I’m buying more precious metals--mostly gold, but also silver. The consumer price index (CPI) rose 8.6% in May-- the highest increase since December 1981. Food prices are skyrocketing, rental costs are rising at the fastest 12-month pace in 31 years. Oil is up 106% over the past year and we're seeing the carnage at the pump! It’s no wonder that US consumer sentiment plunged this month to the lowest on record. The stock market is getting rocked, and we’re probably already in a recession. I'm buying silver, gold, and this mining stock because I firmly believe that we’re going to see a DECOUPLING of mining stocks from the overall stock market soon!

Video of the Week featuring GoldMining Inc.