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7 Cultivation Licenses Spanning 6 Countries and 3 Continents

I’m accumulating a personal position in this company, and here’s why:

  1.  It has secured the FIRST-EVER conditional pre-approval letter for medical cannabis cultivation in Greece and is advancing the facility as we speak.
  2. It has secured an EXCLUSIVE agreement with Cosmos Holdings, a distributor of pharmaceuticals to over 35,000 pharmacies through its subsidiary, Global Marathon, to supply them with cannabis products.
  3. Through its Denmark-based Danavian Cannabis, it holds one of ONLY 12 cultivation and manufacturing licenses in the country.

Compare that to the more matured markets, like the U.S. or Canada, where there are far more licenses in existence and competition is squeezing companies dry.

Europe is a blip on the map at this point, but its population base is TWICE that of North America.

This is my GO-TO company for global diversification in this space!

Europe is a blip on the map at this point, but its population base is TWICE that of North America.

This is my GO-TO company for global diversification in this space!

I have no doubt that I’ll remain a long-term shareholder as management aggressively pursues more and more opportunities to gain a foothold and to be FIRST by contracting multi-year distribution agreements with established pharmacy chains.

Consider Becoming a Shareholder of

ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF)!

I’m personally building a long-term position with ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF). This is my TOP-RANKED stock for the purpose of diversification!

With this trade, we get the opportunity to gain upside potential to markets where cannabis is just getting off the ground.

It is akin to turning the clock back to 2013, when cannabis was a tiny segment of the portfolio of investors.

California’s market serves 39 million people. The entire U.S. is comprised of a potential 330 million person market, but the E.U. (European Union), which is only in its infancy when it comes to the legal cannabis industry, has more than 508 million people in total. ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF) will be the FIRST company to secure a medical-grade license in Greece!

Couple that with South Africa, which has an additional 55 million individuals, Denmark, which is the bridge to the Netherlands, and Colombia, in South America, which has the agricultural background to accelerate production and shipments, and you’ll understand why this company is acquiring assets and subsidiaries, not wasting a second, and becoming the leader in these frontier markets.

I spoke to the company’s CEO on numerous occasions, and they’re about to raise hell.

Last month’s killer news puts a huge seal of approval on the company’s future potential, receiving the FIRST-EVER conditional pre-approval letter for medical cannabis cultivation to be issued by the Greek government, which will allow the company to scale up fast and potentially dominate in the Southern Europe region, which is the continent’s most robust tourist destination.

With this stock, we’ve essentially turned the clock back by nearly five years and found the debut business to enter Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Colombia, and South Africa all at the same time. The management team is likely setting its sights on further acquisitions, which will expand their reach and make the company’s assets even more valuable.

This stock just went public, so it is completely under the radar at this point.

Right out of the gate, they already have exposure to tens of thousands of pharmacies because they are geographically diversified with the European Union and key locations throughout the planet and have secured EXCLUSIVE distribution agreements with established pharmaceutical giants.

With this inked approval from Greek authorities, though, which will make them the FIRST company to secure a medical-grade licensed cultivator in Greece for medical purposes, we’re looking at a game-changer.

Consider taking a strategic position with our top-ranked international cannabis stock for diversification: ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF).

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    One challenge facing the Canadian retail market for cannabis is the clarification of provincial regulations, which have historically varied from one region to the next. However, the passage of Bill C-45 (a.k.a. the Cannabis Act) has given the green light for Canadian provinces to move forward in crystallizing their own rules and regulations pertaining to legal weed.

    Future Money Trends expects this clarification of local guidelines to attract investors and bolster cannabis retailers’ stock prices throughout the coming year. Dominant retailers in Canadian provinces will exert a powerful influence on the recreational marijuana industry as a whole sooner, rather than later. We can even expect the best retailers to land highly lucrative deals with licensed producers – and better yet, buyout offers that will send stock prices soaring.

    The Canadian retail space is going to be a cash-flow playground for investors because there’s so much room for growth. Just a few weeks ago, 11 cannabis growers with billion-dollar market caps existed in Canada – that number is now down to only 6.

    There’s a perfect comparison to the alcohol market here. Think about it: who makes the most money in the booze biz? It’s not the grower of the hops or the grapes, but the seller of the alcohol that nets the biggest profits and controls the greatest market share.

    It’s the same way in Canada’s legalized pot industry: the brands that gain a following and foster consumer loyalty will soon become prime buyout targets. And here’s where it gets even more interesting: Bill 36, which Ontario passed in late September, will make federally-licensed cannabis producers ineligible to apply for a retail license.

    The upshot is that the big Canadian-licensed producers won’t be able to directly sell the product themselves in particular regions; instead, they’ll have to seek out the services of a small number of up-and-coming retailers to perform that function. The number of joint ventures we’ll be seeing among Canadian-licensed producers and those few retailers will be nothing less than astonishing.

    Imagine a heated race: Canada’s biggest licensed producers scrambling to make deals with licensed cannabis retailers. Future Money Trends is positioning itself right now for the Canadian cannabis retailer boom with handpicked companies and stocks could go vertical in 2019.

    It’s such a great time to be in the legalized marijuana market, and next year will make 2018 look like petty gains in comparison. The Canadian economy is in transition right now, and we’re preparing to capitalize on this, with the legal recreational cannabis market expected to generate sales of $4.34 billion in 2019.

    What will the retail cannabis market look like in the coming years? Strong demand will exist in multiple cannabis product formats, including candies, chocolates, baked goods, drinks, oils, and sprays, among others:

    Courtesy: cannabisbusinesstimes.com

    The second half of 2018 was an amazing time to be in Canadian pot stocks, there’s no doubt about it. But that was just the beginning, and Future Money Trends is ready for the shift to up-and-coming licensed Canadian retail sellers, as deals will be made in 2019 – and so will fortunes for early investors in the right companies and stocks.

    The time to be looking into cannabis is now!

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      Daniel Ameduri

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