A Once-in-a-Century Investment Opportunity!

The Greatest Energy Revolution Since 1901!

Not Billions, But Trillions are Going to Pour Into This Tiny Market…

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In 1901, oil went mainstream. From there, fortunes were made and our world was changed forever. On October 1st, 1908, just 7 years later, the Ford Model T was introduced. It was simple to drive and priced right. By the 1920s, the majority of American drivers had learned to drive on the Model T.

As with all of our great technologies, the value and utility of the Model T increased every year, but the price dropped consistently, going from $22,000 in today’s dollars in 1908 to $7,800 by 1916.

I have no doubt that Tesla’s Elon Musk is the Henry Ford of our time.

In 2015, he announced Tesla Energy, a new wing of Tesla Motors that will focus on lithium batteries for homes and businesses. And honestly, he has the entire world behind him – every government on Earth is pouring money into sustainable, clean energy.

Lithium is the lightest metal on Earth, and it’s already used to power our cell phones, laptops, and iPads. And now, companies like Ford Motor, Toyota, Panasonic, and LG are moving into the lithium-ion battery sector in a way that will not just change how their company products are powered, but will essentially change history for all of humanity!

This is why we truly haven’t seen an investment opportunity like this in over a hundred years. Not since oil in the early 1900s has there been such a ripe moment for you to buy a natural resource that is about to change the world.

Lithium demand is up over 300% since the 1990s, and that’s just new demand that is largely coming from our computers and cell phones… Remember, prior to a few years ago, the world had mostly never heard of Elon Musk, even though he had already changed most of our lives with the money transfer service called PayPal.

One day, the majority of vehicles will be battery-powered, so you have to consider the type of demand this natural resource will see over the next decade – and then the next 4 or 5!

A single electric car requires about 3,000 times the lithium needed in your cell phone.

This is serious business; China alone is spending $1.5 billion in order to build charging stations in anticipation of a world run on lithium-powered cars. And now, Tesla is planning on powering every home in America with a lithium-powered battery if they can, through their new division, Tesla Energy.

The problem is giant megacorps are in a scramble for both lithium and cobalt supplies.

This is why we are recommending Wealth Minerals (TSXV: WML & US: WMLLF).

Consider Buying Shares of Wealth Minerals Immediately!

We’ve waited for this a long time…

In my opinion, it’s the best near-term lithium takeover target on the public markets.

As of March 2018, Wealth Minerals is the only company in the world that has the license in place and the first green light by the Chilean government to export lithium from the Salar de Atacama, the world’s lowest-cost source of lithium.

FutureMoneyTrends.com profiled Lithium X at CAD$1.00, and it was recently taken out for CAD$2.61 (up 161%)!

We also brought you Advantage Lithium at CAD$0.58, and last December, we recommended to take profits at CAD$1.32 (up 127%).

Wealth Minerals is being profiled today at under CAD$1.50, with future profits unknown (XXX%).

Kenneth Ameduri, co-founder of this letter and chief editor at CrushTheStreet.com, profiled a tiny lithium company called Nano One in 2016 for 40 cents. Today, it trades for CAD$2.35 (up 488%).

The potential gains in the lithium space are ours for the taking, but you have to be unbelievably disciplined because most of the lithium stocks that trade will never make a penny!

This is why we want to begin accumulating shares of Wealth Minerals (WML) now. The news they just announced along with the Chilean government make them an IMMEDIATE takeover target.

*** Chile is the lowest-cost region in the world for lithium production

*** Financial Times has called lithium in Chile “a buried treasure… The best place in the world to extract the metal”

*** For electric vehicles, there isn’t really an obvious alternative in the medium-term

*** 35% of total global production of lithium comes from Chile

Chile contains half of the world’s most economically extractable reserves of lithium, according to the U.S. Geographical Survey (USGS), which makes it the most efficient low-cost producer on the planet.

“For lithium production, Chile is like the gold standard,” says Brian Jaskula, a commodity specialist at the USGS.

Here is what most investors don’t know when they invest in lithium stocks, and it’s something critical to us doubling, tripling, or even seeing a 10x return on our money.

Nearly ALL of the world’s lithium comes from just four countries: Chile, China, Argentina, and Australia.

With Chile accounting for a third and being the lowest-cost producer, it is the most important for all the big car companies by far.

What Wealth Minerals (WML) just achieved with their recent announcement makes this the most serious junior lithium stock on the market.

It will take days for the institutional money to digest this news, in my opinion, but the end result is undeniable: WML just positioned itself as the premier takeover target in the lithium space.

Currently, under a Chilean law that was created in 1979, lithium can only be produced by the government, a Chilean state-owned company, or special operation contracts.

It’s why most lithium plays in Chile are nothing more than overly-promoted pipe dreams. In fact, if you own one with assets in Chile and it’s not WML, I suggest you contact your financial advisor asap because the odds are it’s going nowhere and you could lose all of your money.

In that same call to your broker, tell them about WML, who just announced a strategic alliance to develop and commercialize their Chilean projects with the National Mining Company of Chile.

With a 10% stake in WML, the state is now part owner and an official partner of Wealth Minerals, which is why I think we should also take a position and partner with them as well.

The world needs permissible, low-cost lithium production, and with this new state partner, WML is the one lithium stock we want to own.

Consider Shares of Wealth Minerals (TSXV: WML & US: WMLLF).

The global battery market is set to hit $120 billion by 2020!
The current annual demand for electric vehicles is less than 1 million. By 2030, that number is projected to hit 24 million for annual sales!

The Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Henry Ford made a fortune from the last energy-powered vehicle revolution.

It’s no surprise that lithium is the hottest sector in the world, along with cobalt, but we need to do this right by positioning ourselves in the right companies that are managed by the right people!

Lithium demand currently outstrips supply, and we have the biggest companies on the planet fighting over future supply.

Warren Buffet’s BYD, Tesla, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, the list just goes on and on…

Green energy is the trade of the decade, in our opinion.

Lithium, cobalt, and uranium are all important, and for lithium, our only stock suggestion for you is Wealth Minerals (WML).

Some of the biggest winners in the resource sector, like Corriente Resources, International Tower Hill, Trevali Mining, Balmoral Resources, and Cardero Resources, all had one thing in common… A key player by the name of Henk Van Alphen, who is the founder and CEO of Wealth Minerals.

We are backing a real winner here. 

Research and consider taking a position in Wealth Minerals today.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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